OMNI is a hardware, software and service system designed for lamp manufacturers, created to manage light including by voice commands in a totally innovative way.

OMNI brings loT and all its benefits into your lamp. OMNI is the system that fast-forwards you into the future.

Full control of your lamp at any time, with any device, with your voice.


Control your lamp
at any time, simply, intuitively and quickly!
Let your customer create their ideal environment, groups of light points, set scenarios,adjust the brightness of their devices, whenever they want.Your lamp is going to be a brilliant experience.


lt doesn’t matter where your clients are.
At home, on the road, at work.
They can manage their light remotely prepare any Lighting scenario they want, check the status of their devices wherever they are, in real time. This is loT.


From a smartphone, from a computer, with the same old button as always, using a simple app, via Wi-Fi or with the voice.
Your customer will also be able to control their lamp just as they wish, immediately and simply.

OMNI: the system designed for all lamp manufacturers.

Find out everything you need to know.

Are you a Research and Development engineer 
and need to design a new lamp, or do you work in a Technical Department and would like more information about OMNI?

Are you a designer
working on a new lamp?
OMNI can be adapted without needing to change the shape or design of your lamp
You are in the right place.

Are you a retailer or distributor 
Here are some pointers
to help you offer the best OMNI system sales pitch to your next client.
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Are you a company and want to know why you should invest in OMNI? find out how this system can enhance the true value of your product​.

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