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Silvair created the largest Bluetooth Mesh lighting network Standard with Newlab products. * Installation date: March 2019

* Installation date: March 2019

Add Your Heading Text Here Is it possible to modernize the lighting system of an entire building in a single weekend?

This is exactly what happened recently in Brussels at the Macq Mobility Management Solutions headquarters where we were partners of the largest installation of standard Bluetooth mesh control network, with 360 lighting nodes on a total area of ​​6,500 m2.

This is the largest installation for SIG-certified Bluetooth lighting networks and based on a sensor control system. The range of features included is very wide and includes presence sensors and a natural light collection system, up to the possibility of programming and monitoring energy consumption.

The Newlab products used in the installation are 301 Silvair to DALI converters with integrated bus power supply made on a custom project.

All the components used for the work are equipped with the original Silvair software which also took care of the system design process, commissioning and final test of the installation.

The realization of the Brussels project demonstrates the flexibility of the Bluetooth mesh network and the lighting control solutions proposed by Newlab in meeting the various installation needs in relation to choosing the right control technology.